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The Hyundai logo may look like the first letter of our name, but it also symbolizes two people—the company and customer—shaking hands. Nowadays, with the value of a handshake declining, our promise to customers remains intact, in the form of a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty on each and every car.

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Hyundai Technology

New Thinking

Different paths.
New destinations.

From technology to philanthropy, we’re always looking for a better way. It’s how we work—
anticipating changes in the road ahead, exploring the most promising possibilities and doing whatever it takes to succeed. See our best and brightest thinking, right now. Ideas in action
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We’re always looking for bright, talented and unique individuals who want to take Hyundai to the next level.

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Hyundai is continually open to improving efficiency, quality, and service. Learn how we do business and how to begin discussing a partnership.

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Our Differences Make Us Remarkable

It would be a boring world indeed if we were all the same. It’s by embracing who we are as individuals that we can accomplish amazing things together.

Diversity at Hyundai

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