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Transparent Pricing
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Knowing the price is always better
than guessing the price.
Participating Hyundai Dealers list their price up front and online for new vehicles in their inventory. Seeing Transparent Pricing up front not only makes it easier to shop and compare, but lets you make faster, better-informed decisions.
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Test drives on your terms.
Schedule a Flexible Test Drive* for any model in stock at your nearby Hyundai dealership. Or, have them bring the vehicle to your home or place of work—perfect for busy people or those who prefer to test drive on familiar roads. Set it up with Hyundai Drive*, online, or by calling. If you test drive at the dealership, you'll receive a cash incentive as our thanks.
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Less time buying your car,
more time behind the wheel.
With Streamlined Purchase* you spend less time at the dealership and can review details online when it's most convenient.
  • Calculate and see your exact monthly payments to buy or lease.
  • Know the value of your trade-in—if you have one.
  • Fill out your credit application.
  • Qualify for financing and, when you're ready, get your loan approved.
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We want to make sure you're happy.
We're sure you'll love your new Hyundai. But if for any reason, it isn't all you hoped, we want you to be happy. With our 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange*, you can return it within 3 days and exchange it for another new Hyundai.
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Have Questions?
What is Shopper Assurance?
Shopper Assurance will redefine the way people shop for a new Hyundai. The modern shopper expects on-demand, personalized tools and services, and shopping for a car is no different. Shopper Assurance is Hyundai's commitment to shorter transaction times, more transparency and improved customer satisfaction through consumer focused online tools and services.
What are the elements within Shopper Assurance?
Transparent Pricing: Dealer provides their price up front and on the dealer websites.

Streamlined Purchase: Participating dealers will offer online tools for shoppers to fill out paperwork and get pre-qualified prior to ever stepping foot on the dealer lot. Shoppers will also be able to get their trade-in value online so they are well informed and comfortable with their purchase.

Flexible Test Drive: Convenient ways to schedule a test drive either at a shopper's desired location or at the dealership, all booked from the ease of the Hyundai Drive mobile app or by calling the dealer directly.

3 Day Worry-Free Exchange: If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 3 days and exchange it for another new Hyundai.*
Is Shopper Assurance a national program?
Yes. Shopper Assurance is a national program at participating dealers. Your nearest participating dealer can be found on the map below.
How is the trade-in value determined?
Depending on the dealer site, trade-in value is estimated using Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book® or Edmunds data.*
What are the various test drive options that will be available to consumers?
Shoppers will have the option of requesting a test drive be brought to the location of their choosing through the Hyundai Drive program with available mobile app, or selecting to come into the dealership for a cash incentive. Hyundai has provided online tools to make these requests easy and convenient both on desktop and mobile. To sign up for your cash incentive please visit:*
What limitations are there to the 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange?
Limitations will apply if the vehicle is returned more than 3 days after the date of purchase, it is driven over 300 miles from the purchase/lease date odometer or it is damaged while the vehicle is in the customer's possession.*
Where will shoppers see the dealer's price?
The dealer's price will be seen on your dealer's website as you browse the vehicle inventory.
What is Streamlined Purchase?
The digital retail tool allows shoppers to pre-fill online their information including credit application, finance options, payment estimation and trade-in information with the goal of drastically reducing the amount of time a shopper has to spend in a dealership.
What paperwork will a shopper be able to complete online?
Secure credit application, accurate payment calculation details, and trade-in evaluation.
What finance providers are offered within the service?
Hyundai Motor Finance will be used as the primary lender for both new vehicles. There are over 2,000 additional lenders that are eligible to fund sales through this program.*
What is the 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange?
The 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange provides customers peace of mind on their purchase. We're so confident buyers will love their new Hyundai, that we're offering a return policy of 3 days for an exchange of another new Hyundai.*
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